5 Fire Damage Prevention Tips to Keep Your Holiday Merry

fire damage prevention

People often overlook potential fire damages that can occur during the holidays. Traditions like Christmas trees, lights, candles and family meals can cause major property damage if the proper fire damage prevention tactics are not taken. To avoid any kind of fire damage, here are some things to consider this holiday season:

1. Watch out for that tree

It takes less than 30 seconds for a dry tree to engulf a room in flames, according to the Building and Fire Research Laboratory of the National Institute for Standards and Technology. This is why it’s essential that when you choose your Christmas tree, you buy a fresh tree with intact needles. For fire damage prevention, water your tree daily to maintain moisture levels, because a well-watered tree will almost never catch fire.

2. Light up the night

Artificial lights are a great way to decorate for the holidays, but make sure that yours aren’t a fire hazard. Check your lights to ensure that there are no frayed or cracked wires. This includes your extension cords they’re attached to, as they can also spark a fire. Also, avoid using staples or nails to hang your lights, as these may cause unwanted damage to the wiring. Taking these fire damage prevention steps can prevent damages to your property entirely.

3. Keep the fires in your fireplace

Over time, fireplaces can develop a buildup of soot which is extremely flammable. For this reason, have your chimney inspected to ensure your property isn’t at risk. For fire damage prevention, when using your fireplace, be sure to use a screen to block any embers that may pop out onto your flooring or carpet.

4. Handling your candles

The incidence of candle fires is four times higher during the month of December. When using candles on your property, place them at least a foot from anything flammable, and check to see that all candles are extinguished before going to bed. For the ultimate fire damage prevention, you can use flameless LED candles instead.

5. Keep the heat in the kitchen

Holidays are a time for families to enjoy meals together. The last thing you want is for unattended food to catch fire and cause damage to your property. Keep items which are flammable like pot holders, napkins, and food packaging away from the stovetop when you’re cooking for fire damage prevention. Finally, keep a fire extinguisher in the kitchen and let everyone know where it is located so that in the event of a fire, it can be handled quickly to limit the damage.

After a fire, it’s imperative that you mitigate the damages as much as possible to avoid any additional damages or injuries. Alliance Reconstruction offers the professional property damage restoration services needed to limit damages and recover your property.

Nobody should have to spend their holiday worrying about fire damage, but if it happens, Alliance is here for you. Learn more about our fire damage restoration services, schedule a free inspection or call 866-764-3874.

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