Commercial Storm Damage Restoration: Get to Know Us Before You Need Us

commercial storm damage restoration

April showers bring May flowers, but also the risk of commercial storm damage restoration.

The appearance of your commercial property is important. When the need arises for emergency or commercial storm damage restoration services, you want someone you can trust. The professionals at Alliance Reconstruction have more than 20 years of experience in handling storm restoration claims and will walk you hand-in-hand through your repair to ensure your needs are met.

Storm Damage Facts

Storm damage can extend far beyond your roof, damaging siding, HVAC units and windows. Even the wind associated with a storm can cause enough damage to warrant a roof repair or replacement. If these issues aren’t handled quickly, leaks and wood rot may leave you having to replace your entire roof.

However, hail and water damage cause the most extensive damage during a storm. Hail can travel up to 100 MPH, and causes about $1 billion dollars in damage to property each year. Major damage can lead to water leakage into your commercial property and greater structural issues caused by mold. 

Before Commercial Storm Damage

Get to know us before you need us. Our team will form a relationship with you before commercial storm damage occurs to come out and properly measure the property. This way, we can determine the extent of the damage accurately when Mother Nature does decide to strike. We guarantee:

  • Free inspections
  • Expertise in insurance claims
  • Comprehensive documentation of your property to facilitate transactions with your insurance company

After Commercial Storm Damage

If you believe your roof may have been damaged in a storm, call a professional. The last thing you need is a personal injury on top of your property damage. The Alliance Reconstruction team can rescue your building from greater structural issues while saving you time and money.

We’ll help you determine the scope of work necessary to mitigate your damage, whether that is a partial replacement or a full repair. Determining the scope of work is a crucial step in filing a successful insurance claim, and we have the expertise to stand up for you and your property.

Get Your Commerical Property Back to Normal

You’ve suffered enough hardship, we can take it from here. If your property recently suffered from commercial storm damage and is in need of storm damage restoration, contact the specialists at Alliance Reconstruction today to help mitigate the damage.

It’s your property. You’ve acquired it. You’ve insured it. Now it’s time to protect it.

Call us today at 888-764-3874 or use our contact us page to schedule a free inspection.

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