Insurance Claim Guide

insurance claim

Alliance Reconstruction is here to help every step of the way when filing an insurance claim. Our experts will inspect your property, document damage, file and advocate for a successful claim.

  1. File the Claim – File your claim in writing and find out when the adjuster will arrive. Our experts understand the necessary steps to process the paperwork for filing a claim.
  2. Secure the Property – Secure the property and call the Alliance team so we can be present when the adjuster arrives.
  3. Walk the Loss – Walk your property with an Alliance team member. You can rely on us for a comprehensive and detailed review of your restoration project and insurance claim that covers details others might miss.
  4. Check your Policy – Our experts will review and organize all insurance coverages within the policy(s).
  5. Document the Damage – An Alliance team member will assist in measuring, documenting and producing an estimated scope of repairs for all structural damages, as well as identify, analyze and schedule a line item inventory of all damaged property.
  6. Discuss Your Options – The Alliance team will help determine the restoration and/or replacement of your property as well as anticipate any problem areas (policy limitations, co-insurance). We will also consult with you on the proper measures and present the best options to you regarding the insurance claim.
  7. Draft the Estimate – Alliance will prepare a formal estimate for presentation to the insurance company in a professional manner to ensure a maximum and prompt recovery.
  8. Meet with the Insurance Adjustor –  Our team will meet with the insurance carrier’s adjuster(s) as required to discuss all details as to the extent of damage and questionable areas.
  9. Scope of Damages – Our experts will determine and accumulate documentation necessary to support our recommendations, establishing the most thorough scope of damages, including methods of repair, and expediting the claim in every way possible.
  10. Claim Approved! – Upon agreement with the insurance company, the Alliance team will then restore the property per the final estimate to its pre-loss condition.

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