What is a public adjuster?

A public adjuster is a professional who has expert knowledge on loss adjustments. He is employed by the general public to assist them in preparing, filing, and negotiating equitable adjustments of insurance claims.

Are public adjusters in any way affiliated with insurance companies?
No. Their services are engaged exclusively by the policyholder and not the insurance company.

What could a public adjuster do for me?

We will advise and assist you in the preparation of building damage assessment reports, estimates, inventories, and other factual proofs of loss. We will handle all the necessary details for compiling and filing claims, as required by the terms of your insurance policies. We will also meet and confer with the insurance company representatives and handle all negotiations essential to proper, satisfactory, and equitable adjustment of your claim.

How can a public adjuster better serve me over an insurance company adjuster?

The insurance company adjuster is employed exclusively by the insurance company where his loyalties are. He must strike a balance between your interests and those of his company. We work for your best interests exclusively.

Why should I hire a public adjuster to get what’s rightfully due me?

Do you really know what is rightfully due you? We do! We are your exclusive representatives. With our experience and knowledge, we are far more capable of bringing about a favorable, satisfactory, and equitable adjustment.

Why can’t my insurance agent or broker handle my claim?

An agent or broker is well trained in determining your insurance needs and placing or writing insurance programs, but they are not well trained in detailing insurance losses. You cant expect an agent or broker who is not paid to adjust losses, to try and “adjust” one. They generally don’t have the time, training, or facilities to render the highly specialized service of insurance adjusting.

Can I prepare my own claim better than a public adjuster?

No! It stands to reason that professional public adjusters, who are experienced in professionally handling and preparing claims every day, can do it more competently and efficiently than the average insured, who may only have one or two losses in their lifetime.

Why do I need help in filing an insurance claim?

The typical insurance policy contains many provisions, complex details, and technical language about your requirements and the complicated procedures you must adhere to in case of loss. Many people do not know or understand these policy provisions and do not realize that the burden of proof is on them, the policyholders. In fact, most insurance company representatives actually prefer to work with a professional public adjuster rather than an inexperienced insured. A professional public adjuster not only has your confidence, but the insurance company adjusters as well because they recognize that they are working with a professional. Professional public adjusters are well trained in what to look for in an insurance policy and fully understands the procedures necessary in preparing and filing a claim in accordance with policy requirements.

How do public adjusters determine the actual loss?

They take a physical inventory of your damage with your assistance, prepare the estimate of damages to your building, and obtain other pertinent documentation to determine your loss of rents, business interruption or additional living expenses. They make certain that all provisions in your insurance policy are properly fulfilled. This often involves numerous steps of which you may know little or nothing about, but can make a significant impact on the outcome of the amount for your final settlement.

Will my loss be settled quicker with the services of a public adjuster?

They know exactly what is necessary to provide to the insurance company in order to expedite the settlement of your claim. A great deal of time can be saved by having Alliance Reconstruction handle your loss. Inspections are done immediately, estimates are prepared, inventories completed, and time elements losses are implemented. Accumulation of evidence and substantiation begins without delay. With your cooperation, we will quickly have your claim filed and the settlement process underway.

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